Good morning lovelies 😃 Who’s ready to dominate this fresh new month😎?? This is your chance to turn your life around, throw away all your excuses &  start something new, challenge yourself, be a lil more badass than you already are 🙌 The KG Lifestyle is about encouraging everyone to get out & live life !! Promoting a healthy lifestyle so you can feel & live your best life possible 😊! It’s not just about going to the gym it’s about loving & taking care of yourself. You owe it to yourself to be the amazing person you were born to be ! We all have a purpose & finding it is the fun part. Learn about yourself & discover hidden passions or talents you might not have known you had. You will ignite a spark that will motivate & inspire yourself in the process! So get out there & live, do all the things & enjoy all the moments ! Even the bad ones because they too have a lesson & always teach you something if you look at it the right way! Taking care of yourself; mind, body & soul gives you the tools to take on anything in life ! I’m living proof! If you need a lil help getting started go to the Fitness Guides section and download my FREE 30 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE!!! It only takes 21 days to form a habit so get going!!! Rocking my fave @lornajaneactive,  and my healthy locks @monatofficial oh so fresh, excited and ready to take on this new month!!!