In Your Program You’ll Receive:

  • Client Questionnaire that will be sent to the client with questions that will allow me to design a full program specifically designed for the client, their goals and their lifestyle.
  • 1 Hour consultation (we go over the whole program together so they fully understand everything and I can answer any questions they may have)
  • Complete Meal Plan (with suggested amounts, how often to eat, what to eat and when to eat, shows how to make delicious food and loose weight at the same time)
  • On the Go Meal Plan (for work days – quick, easy and delicious)
  • Grocery List (makes it easy for clients to grab everything I recommend)
  • Tips and tricks on how to get results fast
  • Full Recipes with multiple meal/snack options
  • Check ins (once every 2 weeks or once a month – whatever you prefer)
  • Full support – They can call me anytime with questions or concerns

My program will include:

Full meal plan with options. If you decide to go with the full training program you will receive unique fun cardio exercises that allow you to burn fat and sculpt your muscles at the same time. It will include your daily workouts that will allow you to get results fast without spending hours a day at the gym. There are tips and guidelines to help you understand the process and get results fast.

It includes full time support to you,  weekly check-ins, you can txt or call me anytime with any questions. I want you to learn the process in order to make this your lifestyle. I am so excited to be here to help educate, support, encourage, motivate and inspire you.

We all have busy lives and cannot forget to live life, have fun,  & enjoy our family and friends.  But most of all feel and look great every day and have time for it all!! This program is designed to have you feel and look your best from the inside out. Head to toe, mind body & soul.  Whether you are a traveller on the go all the time, a homebody unable to make it to the gym, or a gym goer, I have a plan for each and every type of lifestyle. For those of you that want a style revamp?  I will also include the services of a Personal Stylist. The complete overall look, we revamp your wardrobe or shop for new looks.

Karla Marie Gillis – KMG – Keep Motivation Going

Motivation is something you have to work at, and like anything else including diet and training if you don’t practice daily you loose the fuel that feeds your fire!!

Have you ever thought I don’t feel like working out today but you do anyway??? How accomplished did you feel after that?? Sometimes we have to push through those negative thoughts and when you do we are rewarded by the greatest feeling of accomplishment, which then carries thought for so many other areas in your life; from your health to your fitness, to your work to you social life and everything in-between. The brain is a muscle and you have to challenge it to keep it strong. Your mind can be a beautiful servant or a dangerous master its up to you who is in control. Changing your lifestyle takes work, dedication and persistence and the reward will always come! You can’t beat the feeling when you conquer a goal. This slowly but steady will change you into a motivated determined person. Setting small goals and achieving them one at a time.

I wan to help not only with the fitness and health aspects of your life, I want to guide you through the new you! From your fit state to your closet and your overall look, sometimes we just need a revamp in our lives as a makeover can not only make you look amazing but helps you also feel amazing! Giving that extra boost of confidence. We sometimes tend to not know what type of clothing style looks good on us or hairstyle so I am here to help with that as well. Sometimes taking what you already have in your closet and having someone show you different ways to use what you already have can be a huge game changer and confidence booster. We are all born beautiful but we don’t always see that in ourselves so by having someone show you different ways can make the world of difference.

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